About Us

The mission of FIRST Team 6203, the Titanium Knights, is to promote future careers in science, technology, engineering, arts and math (STEAM) and work as a team to complete the necessary goals of each competition. The Titanium Knights aim to pursue the fundamental beliefs of FIRST of Coopertition and Gracious Professionalism and to promote STEAM education for our community. We strive to not only develop our own students’ abilities to create and develop as individuals and a team but also strive to develop many life-skills and the knowledge needed to succeed beyond the scope of FIRST.

The Titanium Knights, located in Bergen County, New Jersey, are part of the Bergen County Academies, a magnet school which consists of students from towns all over Bergen County.

Our Accomplishments

In our rookie year as an FRC team, we won the Rookie All-Star Award, the Rookie Inspiration Award, and placed as finalists in both regional events.

Check out our gearbox open source design that is posted on Chief Delphi.

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Our Subteams


Build and Electronics

Our build team constructs the actual robot. This subteam designs parts in our Makerspace and then assmebles all the parts of the robot togther. The build team is also in charge of wiring and testing the robot to make sure it functions correctly.


Our programming team codes the robot to be able to perform many different functions. They are also in charge of creating code for the autonomous part of the competition.


Our design team is in charge of designing and updating the teams website. This subteam also designs promotional materials, t-shirts, and pins for the team.


In order to raise funds and get sponsors and scholarships for our team, our finance team raises funds and gets sponsors and scholarships for our team. The finance team makes it possible for us to be able to build a robot to enter into the FRC competition.


The outreach team works on STEAM initiatives and events. This subteam is also in charge of compiling materials to apply for awards.