Welcome to the Titanium Knight's FRC Team #6203 website! Here you will be able to learn and find out more about our team. You can look at our previous projects, find out how to sponsor us, or find our contact information!

Our Mission

The Titanium Knights, a 501c3 organization, is a robotics team operating out of the Bergen County Academies (BCA), a magnet school located in Hackensack, New Jersey. As a robotics team, the Titanium Knights aim to pursue STEAM education while nurturing both a sense of competition and cooperation. The Titanium Knights are always exploring opportunities in the field of robotics and have decided this year to pursue the FIRST Robotics Competition, the largest and most reputable high school robotics competition in the world.

In the past, the Titanium Knights have competed and placed 1st in several BattleBots competitions. We have also competed and placed highly in multiple nationally recognized engineering and robotics competitions such as SkillsUSA, the Panasonic Creative Design Challenge, and the Extreme Redesign Challenge.

Our Teachers and Advisors

Our teachers and advisors devote numerous hours to help, assist, and teach our team.

Bergen County Academies Teachers

Mr. Liva
Mrs. Marain
Mr. DeFalco
Computer Science


Dr. Xiao
Dr. Millet
Mrs. Li
Dr. Chang