Why Sponsor Us

If supporting a team of driven and community-oriented engineers, designers and programmers aligns with the image of your company, then consider sponsoring the Titanium Knights. Such a partnership would benefit both parties, as your company will receive the benefits of our sponsorship tiers while we will be able to support our team.
As a 501c3 organization, your donations are also tax-deductible.

How You Can Help

You can help the Titanium Knights in a multitude of ways, including donations and collaborations. The examples listed below are non-limiting, and we are open to the possibility of your company’s creative ideas.

Monetary sponsorships

Direct donations to the Titanium Knights, allowing us to fund registration and other costs such as materials, t-shirts and paraphernalia.

Non-monetary sponsorships

  • Services, such as free use of an application or workspace.
  • Materials and tools, such as wrenches and sheet metal.
  • Food, such as snacks or meals (either for late nights or fundraising purposes).


  • Provide discounts for your good or service.
  • Host a fundraiser at your location.
  • Work on an outreach initiative with the team.

Sponsorship Tiers